Titans’ Chris Johnson calls out his own teammates

After Sunday’s loss to the Chargers, Titans running back Chris Johnson made it clear that he believes his teammates aren’t doing their jobs, which is effecting his production on the field.

“The run game ain’t working,” Johnson said. “We just aren’t executing the plays. I don’t know why we’re not.”

“People need to step up and do their job,” Johnson said. “They don’t need to let people beat them. It don’t matter who the opposing defense is, you can’t let your guy beat you. You just can’t give up plays. You have to make plays like they make plays. I can’t speak for the defense. I can only speak for the offense.”

Johnson may have a point, but it isn’t right for him to call out his own teammates while talking to the media.  He needs to keep his thoughts and opinions in-house.

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