Tim Tebow not upset he didn’t play last night

tim tebow

After passing for -1 yard last week,  the Patriots didn’t even have quarterback Tim Tebow play in last night’s preseason game against the Lions.

Tebow doesn’t seem worried about not playing, even though there’s a chance he could end up getting cut.

“I’m a blessed individual,” Tebow said, per Ben Volin of the Boston Globe. “Happy to be here, and whatever I’m asked to do, I’m going to do.”

Tebow says he’s doing everything he can.

“You just prepare, and what you are asked to do, you do it 100 percent with everything you have,” said Tebow. “You want everything to go well, but it’s not. There are going to be ups and downs. That’s what life is, and you’ve just got to handle them as best as you possibly can.”

I don’t doubt that Tebow is doing all he can to be the best player he can,  the problem is that his best won’t even make him a good NFL quarterback.



  1. paco martinez says

    If all of a sudden you couldn’t RUN–you’d go get it checked out, right?
    So since you’ve been accused of “not being able to pass”, “cannot pass”.. “His passes flutter and are off target”, etc. etc.
    Don’t YOU think it’s about time you got an MRI on your left (throwing) shoulder? All it takes is a stretched or tear on your rotator cuff and the ball is going to go slower, miss it’s intended target AND ‘flutter’.

    I’m writing this because I couldn’t throw ‘a rock across the street’ when I had a rotator cuff tear.
    A simple MRI verified it.
    Arthroscopic surgery corrected it.
    PROBLEM solved.

    Would somebody suggest to Mr. Tebow he get an MRI–before he’s dropped from the Pats lineup.

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