Tim Tebow to Jacksonville might be a stretch

Even with a recent report that Jets quarterback Tim Tebow could end up with the Jacksonville Jaguars next season,  Arthur Arkush of ProFootballWeekly.com says it’s probably a stretch to believe that he’ll be a Jaguar in 2013.

After doing a little digging, we hear that categorizing his arrival in Jacksonville after the season as imminent is a major stretch.

Khan’s prior interest in Tebow is understandable, particularly from a business standpoint. He would very likely help a small-market team that has trouble filling its gargantuan stadium do just that. Yet, the Jaguars’ ticket sales have improved this season — and Khan didn’t mandate his football people, mainly embattled GM Gene Smith, to acquire him at all costs last offseason, just to put out feelers.

Smith’s likely on borrowed time in Jacksonville. We hear there is a strong chance he will be dismissed after the season, which likely means a new GM would have to sign off on Tebow, or, potentially steer clear of the job altogether if Tebow is part of the deal.

Similarly, we don’t yet know the future of Mularkey. There is a chance that he could be spared after the season, if a new GM approves.

As one source astutely pointed out, the author of the original report — ESPN’s well-connected Chris Mortensen —  shares an agent, Jimmy Sexton, with Tebow.

Tebow could very well end up a Jaguar. But as the source notes, “there are only two virtual certainties in life: Death and taxes.”

I agree with Arkush and his sources, no one knows for sure where Tebow will end up in 2013 and it’s too early to say that he’ll definitely be playing in Jacksonville.


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