Tim Tebow gives Wichita State’s basketball team a pep talk (Video)

tim tebowAccording to Lindsey Jones of USA TODAY Sports, Jets’ quarterback Tim Tebow ended up giving the Wichita State men’s basketball team a pep talk while his plane was refueling in Wichita, Kansas.

Tebow’s plane stopped to refuel at the Mid-Continent Airport in Wichita Sunday afternoon, and the New York Jets quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner was on the ground when Wichita State’s charter plane – carrying the basketball team, pep band, and cheerleaders -landed. Tebow joined the team on the bus before the Shockers headed back to campus.

The Shockers upset No. 1-seeded Gonzaga Saturday night in Salt Lake City and will play in the Sweet 16 next week in Los Angeles.

You can check out Tebow’s speech below.



  • Jim P

    So this is the real speech, “I’m not very good, I can’t throw a football. All I can do is run like a chicken. And no team is willing to put in as the team leader….so let me motivate you…”

    What a joke. Did Bob Euker and Brian Bosworth go around trying to motivate teams?

    • Capt. Dan Stillmuks

      Sir: You need not be so ‘hurtful’. For your infomation, Tim Tebow from over training has a ripped left rotator cuff, confirmed by an MRI. Read the papers, dork. And second of all GO to Google and type in Tim Tebow’s Florida Gator’s Stats. You’ll be amazed that this man threw for 20,000 yards and ran for 20,000 yards in his 4 years at Florida.
      All of a sudden NFL he ‘can’t pass’. So do not be so mean to this man who means ALOT to many people. I stand almost 6 ft. and weight 300#–you wouldn’t be talking trash that way to my face, would you. Trouble maker.

  • Anonymous

    And you are………………………..a piece of crap!

    • https://www.facebook.com/daniel.stillmunks Daniel Stillmunks

      bold statement, Mr. “Anonymous” . and sooo analytical, as well;
      Tell me, when you analyze something to you use
      inductive reasoning,
      deductive reasoning, or
      retro-ductive reasoning?
      Just curious….

  • Anonymous

    Jim P….you really dont have any friends do you. tebow has more character in his pinky then you will ever have. Proven by the fact that he does make a lot of money and he still takes the time to try to insipire others…you, well Jim P you just want to slam others. I hope that works out for you…it wont but hey !!!

  • Anonymous

    Tim Tebow is an inspiration to many people. Should he be drafted by the Seahawks, SAFECO FIELD would be full at the games. GO TEBOW!!!!!!!

  • Capt. Dan Stillmuks

    We love Tim Tebow. God bless Tim Tebow. Hopefully he and his agent will find him a ‘match’ somewhere to play QB in the NFL God bless Tim Tebow; he’s an honorable, soft-spoken, moral Christian man. AMEN?

  • jay

    I think the morale the cowbows have and the talent tebow has he along with tony room could help get the cowbows back online, along with taking tebow to the next level not to mention the need to get the cowboys back to the Landry days of doing the right thing both on and off the field.