Tim Tebow could make history this year

tim tebowEven though free agent quarterback Tim Tebow may not play in the NFL this season, he could still make history.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau via USA Today Sports, Tebow would become the second quarterback ever to never start another NFL game right after winning in the playoffs.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau (via Mike Klis), Tebow would join Bob Lee, a 32-year-old quarterback on the 1977 Vikings, in that ignominious category. That stat only applies to quarterbacks who remained active after their playoff wins. (John Elway, for instance, doesn’t count.)

Well at least Tebow has something else to hang his hat on besides one career playoff win.




  1. Capt. Dan Stillmuks says

    We LOVE TIM TEBOW– Tim knows how to win. TEAM sport. O.Line, QB, running backs, tight ends that block AND catch the ball. Wide-outs that run past the defender and catch the ball. Defense. Special teams…. EXECUTION on the field: GO TIEAM GO. whoops, there is no “I” in team!!
    God bless you Tim and I hope you find a real team soon.]
    The Jets aren’t a ‘pimple on the ass’ of a real nfl team.

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