Tiki Barber to Ronde Barber: “Why do so many people like you, but don’t like me”

tiki barberThere’s no doubt that New York Giants fans hate former running back Tiki Barber. I’ll get into those reasons in a moment.

During a radio appearance this morning Tiki asked his brother Ronde why so many people hate him, according to the New York Daily News.

“Why do so many people like you, but don’t like me,” Tiki asked his brother before a commercial break.


Coming out of the commercial, Brandon Tierney asked Tiki, who hosts “The Morning Show” with Tierney and Dana Jacobson, to reset the question for the audience and the guest.


“Why do so many people like Ronde and dislike me,” Tiki asked a second time.


Ronde, who had time to think about his answer, blamed New York fans for his brother’s bruised public image.


“That’s a great question. (It’s) probably because you live in New York and I don’t know if New Yorkers like anything more than loving their stars than hating them,” Ronde offered as an explanation. “They look for faults and exploit them, or failures and exploit them and it’s a national story when it’s up there.”

I’ll tell you why Giants fans hate Tiki.

First of all, Giants fans never appreciated Tiki’s arrogance to retire when he had plenty of football left in him because he thought he was going to be a star in the media.  While I don’t have a problem with a player retiring before he’s completely spent, announcing it in the middle of the season didn’t help the team at that time. He also rebelled against head coach Tom Coughlin, which hurt the Giants’ locker room and didn’t respect Eli Manning during and after his career.  We know this from when Tiki came out in 2007 and said that Eli’s leadership was a joke.


For Ronde to say New Yorker’s love to hate their athletes is ignorant.


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