Thomas Dimitroff: Sixth pick is “open for business”

Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff reiterated that they’re open to trading out of the sixth spot after Jadeveon Clowney indicated that he would like the Falcons to trade up for him.

“Look, like I’ve said, I’ve been very clear about this, we will always be open for business. We will always be open to move up and back, depends on what’s right for us.

“Again, I feel really comfortable with where we are at six, but there are opportunities on both sides of six.”

Of core Dimitroff wasn’t going to tip his hand regarding any kind of moves they might make.

“In the draft, we are real excited about what’s in the draft, offensively and defensively,” Dimitroff said. “We also think there will be some legitimate opportunities in free agency.

“That’s what it’s about, taking every thing into consideration. We know where we need to go. We know what we need to tweak and adjust. As I mentioned before, we’ve done it on the coaching side. We’ve done it on the personnel side. Now, it’s time to really hone in on where we are with the players.”