There is some concern about Josh Gordon’s behavior

Cleveland Browns’ second year wide receiver Josh Gordon is suspended for the first two games of the upcoming season after testing positive for codeine. After the NFL held its 16th annual Rookie Symposium many wondered if Gordon would of had the chance to attend this (he didn’t because he was drafted in the summer supplemental draft) it would of helped Gordon learn to avoid mistakes just like this.

Tony Grossi of makes the case on why he believes the symposium wouldn’t of helped Gordon out.

Josh Gordon did attend required weekly classroom meetings during the 2012 season as part of the league’s unpublicized Rookie Success Program. The nine-week program, which was conducted after regular-season practices, reinforced and advanced the principles discussed at the symposium…

Grossi also goes on to say the lure to South Florida contributed to his actions.

[W]hen his first season ended, something happened to Josh Gordon. He changed agents. According to a source, he gravitated to South Beach in south Florida – the party haven of young pro athletes — and ran with a different crowd. He was influenced by the wrong people. He tested positive for a banned NFL substance — codeine, Josh Gordon said in a statement — and was slapped with a two-game suspension to start the 2013 season, and fined a total of four game checks

The point Grossi is trying to make is that Gordon did receive some classes on the same things shown at the NFL Rookie Symposium and it’s apparent he didn’t learn from them. Hopefully Gordon can learn that playing in the NFL is not a right. That privilege can be taken from him if he chooses the party lifestyle over trying to be as productive as possible for his team. Still in his second year Gordon can have a big impact in the NFL, if he can make the right decisions.






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