The Jets secret desire for Ryan Nassib might change Bills plans

Former Syracuse and now Bills’ head coach Doug Marrone loves former Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib. It has been said that the Bills might want to trade down and pick him up with a 2nd round pick. That would be great if one of your division rivals wasn’t also interested in Nassib.

According to Sal Paolantonio of ESPN, there is a belief in Buffalo that the New York Jets are also interested in Nassib, and with the Jets having three picks before the Bills’ second, Marrone doesn’t stand a chance in drafting his former quarterback.

ProFootball talk also mentions that the Jaguars might be the other secret lover of Nassib. So even if the Jets don’t take Nassib, it makes it that more tricky for Marrone if he wants to take Nassib in the 2nd.

With all the deceit that goes on in the weeks leading up to the NFL draft, the Bills are now in a tricky spot. If they decide to wait until the 2nd and it’s true that either the Jets or Jaguars are also interested in Nassib, there is not a chance they’ll get to drat him. On the other side of the coin some view drafting Nassib with the 8th overall is too high. It is also not too hard to believe the Jets might be feigning their interest so they get trick a division leader into using their 8th overall pick to draft an unworthy player.

With a little more than 24 hours until the 2013 NFL Draft, we’ll find out soon what the Bills will do.