The Boss Podcast (Pro Football Report with JR & Paul) Ep. 3

The Boss Podcast (Pro Football Report with JR & Paul

  • Cowboys play calling duties handed over to Bill Callahan
  • I explain why the Cowboys player don’t respect their coaches
  • Antrel Rolle rips the Cowboys front office
  • JaMarcus Russell gets a work out with the Bears
  • JPP back surgery
  • Reggie Bush’s comments
  • NFL, Verizon deal

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  1. says

    JaMarcus Russell ? ?? Are you kidding me? I have seen this tall athletic gentleman play and HE is nowhere near what it takes to be a WINNER in this NFL league. I’m glad he lost weight but he is NOT A LEADER…..he makes too many mistakes…fumbles, interceptions. Stuff he should have worked out in his High School days or at the very least his college days.
    The Bears — what the F heck are YOU thinking?
    And Tim Tebow sits–why don’t you give Tim a try?
    You’ll be blessed.

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