Bills see Brad Smith as a wide receiver

The Bills are looking to Brad Smith to play as a wide receiver. The Bills coaching staff have him working exclusively at wide receiver, he’s not been asked to take one rep at quarterback.

Smith seems to be happy to have one position to work on exclusively.

“I’m tremendously blessed to be able to play this game. For a coach to say, ‘Brad, we need you to play receiver,’ and then trust me enough to go out there and do what we need to do to win, it means a lot. If a quarterback goes down, and they need me to go in, then I can do that too.”

You have to wonder, since the Bills do seem him as a receiver, will that affect him being a part of the 53 man roster? The Bills already have a ton of receivers on this roster. They just drafted Robert Woods, and they signed Da’Rick Rodgers. Of course, the Bills may value Smith’s versatility too much to let him go.

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