The Bears have some concerns after Thursday’s loss

What is the biggest concern for the Chicago Bears after last night’s game?  Is it the play of Jay Cutler, the ankle of Matt Forte or the lack of protection from the offensive line?

When Matt Forte went down, many fantasy football owners were holding their breath.  He is the complete back and dangerous coming out of the backfield.  But an injury to a player of his talent and abilities could cripple any team.  This is why they picked up one of the most prized free agents during the off-season—Bush is a great plan B.  It doesn’t look like Forte will miss significant time here and so this will not be as potentially damaging to the team as the next two thoughts.

Jay Cutler had a terrible game.  One week after throwing for over 300 yards and 2 touchdown, he throws a mere 126 yards with 1 touchdown and 4 interceptions.  Can the blame be on Jay alone or should we also look to the receivers who had balls placed almost perfectly throughout the game and yet they did not come up with the catch.  Perhaps the greatest example of this occurred when Brandon Marshall could not pull in a potential TD pass before halftime.

We would be remised if we did not point out the lack of protection from the Chicago Offensive Line.  There was even a moment when Jay walked up to one of his offensive linemanand chewed him out.  What is going on?  Was the line that bad or was the Defense of Green Bay and the play of Clay Matthews that good?  While Chicago in the off-season addressed depth at the wide receiver an running back positions, they did not help to bring symmetry to the offensive line.

The game plan last night needed to be changed after half time.  Why not bring another tight end or try quick slants and utilize the slot receiver.  Chicago, let me make one thing clear: It is not time to panic!  Don’t lose that excitement you had before the season began.  We are only two games into this pursuit for the Lombardi Trophy.  It’s a long season and the team who will win it all is usually the team who best manages the injuries and is able to make the necessary adjustment.

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