Texas Education Agency working on shutting down Deion Sanders’ Prime Academy

deionsanders.jpgAccording to CBS Dallas, the Texas Education Agency working on shutting down Prime Acamdeny, which is the charter school that former NFL player Deion Sanders started

TEA officials confirmed to CBS 11 News that they have “started the revocation process” against Uplift Fort Worth — the sponsoring entity of Prime Prep Academy.

A letter sent to Uplift Fort Worth board president Chris Lewis and Prime Prep superintendent Ron Price cited “demonstration of unsatisfactory financial performance and failure to comply with Texas Education Code.”

Sanders posted numerous tweets in response to the TEA’s decision.


  1. DJR says

    I think this is very sad if these are the true facts. 45,000 is a lot of money to most people. However, I do not think that using Twitter as a sounding board for such a sensitive and important topic to be very professional. Hope that everything that needs to be corrected can/will be.

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