Texans’ owner: “I knew with Manziel it would be a frenzy”

johnny manzielTexans owner Bob McNair told ESPN.com that he would things would be crazy with rookie Johnny Manziel.

“I knew with Manziel it would be a frenzy,” McNair said. “And probably even if he didn’t succeed at being an outstanding NFL quarterback for a couple years, the fans would have been frenzied.”

McNair also indicated that  they didn’t believe Manziel would fit their system.

“Long term, we had questions as to how well he’d fit in our system doing what we wanted to do,” McNair said. “At the end of the day, you’ve gotta do what you think is best for the team. If you do what’s best for the team and the team succeeds as a result of it, the fans are going to forget those other things.

“When they say they want you to get Manziel, it’s because [they think] with Manziel you’ve got a better chance to win. Or with Vince Young, or with Reggie Bush, or whoever, it’s because they think you’ll be a better team with that person.”


  • Richard Howell

    Better frenzied than finished. I do wonder what their “system” is that Manziel doesn’t fit.