Texans fan posts “Cut Schaub” over highway overpass (Photo)

cut schaub
Photo by Cody Duty/Houston Chronicle

A fan used cups to voice his/her displeasure with Texans quarterback Matt Schaub.

It was one game.  The Texans are 2-1…relax.



  1. Randy says

    It’s only one loss yo yo. Pittsburg,Greenbay, Giants & others lost too. Do you get rid of those QB’s too. Get serious. At least give him until the end of the season.

  2. david says

    he has to go now not at the season it will be to late then .he keeps putting the ball in the other teams hands when passing watch him on his passing the ball. got to go now let # 9 take his place for sure

  3. Anonymous says

    The Texans will never make it to the super bowl or win it with this Matt Schaub (goon) as quarterback.

  4. Charlie says

    He should of been gone a long time ago. He is our weakest link. Check the average passing yards….all short passes. Most are behind the line and expecting someone to catch and run ten yards before they make any positive yards. We have very good running backs that need the ball handed to them, not always passed. Screen plays work for most teams, but MS wants pass percentage so badly (his ego problem) he uses this too often. He played very little in preseason and still managed an interception. If the starting spot had been on the table, he should have ended up in the number three spot. Three bad passes and out just works our defense too much. Why 60+ % passing when you have running backs like we have? Should be 60+ % running. All in my opinion of course and what do I know.

  5. Eric says

    Matt shaub has cost us a number of games… his decision making skills are hindered by listening to that hack of a head coach Kubiak. He plays too safe, takes no chances, and leaves more to be desired. Now, could Shaub change the game, yes, does he, no…. he needs to use what limited knowledge he has. Is he an elite QB, HELL NO, can he get better, yes… TJ yikes is no better…. Case Keenum is mobile, takes chances and can get the job done using the weapons he has. He made a great showing of that with the players trying to be someone… imagine if he had the actual weapons to make a difference. before you cut shaub…. give Keenum a chance… Yikes, don’t get off the bench…. your worthless.

  6. Anonymous says

    Shaub cannot perform under blitz pressure! He appears nervous and scared to take hits anymore. PAST HIS PRIME!

  7. Anonymous says

    I agree we need to get rid of Matt Schaub and get a qb that can really run. Also, he needs to get focused because not every game is going to get handed to him.

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