Texans fan burns Matt Schaub jersey (Photo)

Well it looks like Texans fans have had enough of quarterback Matt Schaub after failing to put away the Seahawks today.

A fan decided to burn his Schaub jersey after Sunday’s loss.

[ Black Sports Online ]


  1. john franklin says

    This is not a hate Kubiak or Schaub post. Schaub received a head injury in the Denver game last year, and can no longer make decisions as he did previously. Kubiak earnestly believes in playing football as it was played 20 years ago, and he has a strong ego which prevents him from reconsidering his decisions.

  2. James Caudill says

    This lose was not Schaub “fault”, he put up 20 points in 1st half, it was the “Defense” who could not stop the Seahawks. I have always said that “Kubiak” was not good for the Texans.

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