Texans believe their time is now to win a Super Bowl

AP Photo

Houston Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson and quarterback Matt Schaub feel like this season is either Super Bowl or bust for them.

“That’s how I feel about it,”  Johnson told NFL.com. “That’s the only reason you play the game. I mean, that’s the only reason I play it. You can make the playoffs, go to the AFC Championship, (but) if you lose, you’re still getting the same thing the guys who didn’t make the playoffs got. The ultimate goal is winning the Super Bowl. That’s it.”

“I think it is,” Schaub said as he huddled under a tent post-practice to escape the relentless summer heat. “Given where we went last year, the next step is the Super Bowl. We can’t win it here in August or September; it’s a slow progression. We have to take one at a time, as the cliché goes. But ultimately, we wanna get to that final game in February. That’s our goal, and we’re not gonna rest until that happens.”

I really believe the Texans are the most complete team in the NFL from top to bottom.  The only weakness I see on their roster is that they aren’t deep at the wide receiver position.  They have a stout defense and an explosive offense.  There aren’t many other teams in the NFL that I can think of that possess both of those qualities.

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