Terry Bradshaw rips the NFL for having this year’s Super Bowl in New Jersey

Former Steelers quarterback and FOX NFL analyst is pretty upset that this year’s Super Bowl will be played in New Jersey.

“Thank you commissioner, thank you Super Bowl committee for putting us in New York,” Bradshaw told 660 WFAN IN New York. “And we all know why we’re in New York, it’s because they were paid for that stupid stadium in New Jersey … By the way, not a gorgeous stadium either.

“It’s freakin’ outside in New York, are you kidding me? Not even New York — New Jersey. It’s not like Minnesota, it’s a dome. It’s not like it’s Detroit, it’s a dome. It’s not like it’s Indy, it’s a dome. I don’t want it to be bad, cause I’m there. I want it to be nice, but I don’t think you should be putting Super Bowls in northern cities in the winter time.”

Like a lot of people Bradshaw prefers the Super Bowl to be played in a warm climate.

“You should be in Florida or California or Arizona, where there is no excuses,” he said. “What if the Saints make it there? What if Seattle … Teams that run the football will have a bigger advantage than teams that throw the football. What if we get two passing teams? What if they get Denver there? What if it’s pouring down snow? You get a bad game.”

Bradshaw doesn’t want to see snow at the Super Bowl.

“We don’t want to see a cold Super Bowl,” said Bradshaw. “We don’t want to see what we saw in Philadelphia (this past weekend). What good can come from that? … I just think as a viewer, we deserve to be able to see some sunshine from Montana and Iowa and Minnesota.”



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    Atta-boy, Terry !! Give it to them! YOU are a man speaking the truth both from expeerience AND common sense.
    I speak the truth and get my axe complained about by fellow bloggers. It’s OK cut YOU are right. And I am right.
    Give ’em hell, Terry. (Lousy over-paid bean counters and bureaucrats)

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