Terry Bradshaw gets ripped for skipping Chuck Noll’s viewing and funeral

According to CBS Pittsburgh,  many people are furious with former Steelers quarterback Terry Bradshw for skipping the viewing and funeral of his former head coach Chuck Noll.

 It’s no secret that the relationship between former Steeler quarterback Terry Bradshaw and recently deceased head coach Chuck Noll was strained, but Bradshaw not showing up to his former coach’s viewing or funeral has rubbed many the wrong way.

Former Steelers public relations guy Joe Gordon ripped Bradshaw on the Starkey and Mueller show.

“He’s the most insincere person I’ve ever known,” Gordon said.

Gordon said that jack Lambert managed to pay his respects even though he’s been deliberately living a mellow low-profile life.

“He [Lambert] called Joe Gordon over the weekend and said he wanted to sit down and talk with Marianne Noll, Chuck’s wife.  So Sunday, it was arranged that Jack Lambert would talk with Marianne Noll at 1:30, and sure enough, Joe Gordon showed up at the funeral home, and at 1 o’clock, Jack Lambert was sitting outside in his truck, presumably having driven in from Kittanning, which I think is where he lives up there, sitting in his truck waiting.  And he had a chance to have an audience, have a nice talk with Marianne Noll for about 15 to 20 minutes and then left and drove back home before anybody else came.”

Tell us what you think about Bradshaw skipping Noll’s funeral.


  1. thut464 says

    I am a life long Steeler fan, in my eyes they are the greatest sports team ever. With that said I have never cared for Terry Bradshaw. I firmly believe if he had been on any other team he would have been just an average QB. It was the team around him and most importantly the coach, Coach Noll, that made Bradshaw what he is. For him to disrespect Coach Noll and the family by not attending the funeral is truly disgusting. I wish he would get thrown off as a commentator. The only one who thinks he is funny is himself.

  2. Krankor says

    I’m not going to judge Bradshaw until hear his side of the story. Maybe he had a good reason not to go, who knows? Maybe he really is a jerk, I don’t know. But in general, you don’t condemn anyone without hearing their side.

  3. Mike Conti says

    Hey, based on what I’ve read, I don’t think I can blame him. According to the papers, Noll wasn’t the kind of coach who called out people but in Bradshaw’s book he says Noll called him out among other things. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD PEOPLE. People have feelings and when you do that stuff, it’s unfortunate, but that’s how some people respond. Nobody should be surprised. These are the LONG-TERM CONSEQUENCES that happen. DEAL WITH IT. For those of you people who don’t like it, its time for you to BOUNCE…..now you need to GET STEPPING

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