Terrelle Pryor worked with throwing mechanics coach during the offseason that trained Drew Brees, Tom Brady


terrelle pryorQuarterback Terrelle Pryor told Raiders.com that he worked out with a throwing mechanics coach during the offseason that also worked with Tom Brady and Drew Brees.

I went and worked out with a guy named Tom House. He’s [Tom] Brady and [Drew] Brees’… I’m sure you guys have heard of him, he’s a baseball pitcher. He’s a throwing mechanic freak. He breaks everything down scientifically, and I found out that I was leaving my chest open a lot so it was making me late. So when I was coming down to throw with my left arm, my right arm was saying it’s time to go, the timing wasn’t right. He kind of helped me with that. It’s definitely helping shoot the ball a lot more and better. My thing looking in the mirror last year was I need to be more accurate. That’s what it is and somewhere I have got to get there, and I will get there, and I’m getting close I can feel it.

It seems like the coaching Pryor received might be helping him.  Some people have noticed that he’s looked better throwing the ball in camp so far.




  1. paco martinez says

    Maybe Tim Tebow should hire this guy?
    Tim’s either just “lost it” and is throwing ducks or
    TIM is INJURED from extensive training and gaining muscle mass.

    If TIM ripped or tore his left (throwing) rotator cuff–that WOULD explain the ball “flying like a dead duck, is off target etc)

    TIM!! Get an MRI on your left shoulder. Arthroscopic surgery is a 5- week setback.
    Plus if it happened LAST season, the Jets get to pick up the tab for workman’s compensation.
    Get that MRI TIM.

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