Terrelle Pryor says he’s a pocket passer

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When you look at Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor, you would think that he’s a run first quarterback.  Today he made it clear to the local media that he’s a pocket passer and not one of those quarterbacks that ran a spread offense in college.

“A lot of people don’t know that at Ohio State I didn’t really run a spread offense, where you’re running around and stuff,” Pryor said. “I was in the pocket going through progressions. Maybe not four or five like I’m doing here, but I did a good bit, and I completed a lot of balls under center. Obviously I’m an athlete so I always think I can out-run anybody or whatever the case may be — I believe in my ability — but sometimes you’ve got to get the ball into other guys’ hands and just be the point guard. That’s all I’m trying to do, stay in the pocket and get it to the right guys.”

The Raiders have been coaching him up to stay in the pocket and go through his reads.

“If something breaks down I can get out and make a play, but I just try to stay in the pocket, go through my progressions and do exactly what the coaches want,” Pryor said.

I’ve been very impressed so far with Pryor’s maturity so far in his career.  His willingness to be taught and to sit back and absorb everything is great.  I really think Pryor has a chance at becoming a good NFL quarterback.


  1. LeRoy says

    “I really think Pryor has a chance at becoming a good NFL quarterback.”

    Based on what? A few articles you’ve read on the internet? Have even you seen him throw in person? How’s his accuracy? Can he make the deep throws? How does he handle the blitz? Does he know the playbook?

    I’m just wondering how you’ve developed the foundation for this conclusion. As a journalist, I feel it’s your duty to have a solid basis for your convictions. Not attacking, just genuinely curious.

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