Terrelle Pryor pretty impressive tonight

terrelle pryor

Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor was pretty impressive during tonight’s game against the Cowboys.

He looked more comfortable in the pocket whiling flashing some poise and confidence throwing the football.  His throwing motion also looked better than it ever has.

Pryor led the Raiders down the field on a few impressive drives.  One ended after he threw an interception in the end zone.  He clearly made a bad decision.  Pryor also led the offense down the field for a field goal at the end of the first half.

Pryor completed 6 of 10 passes for 88 yards and 1 interception.

It doesn’t look like Pryor is ready to compete for the Raiders starting job now, but I think next year could be his chance.



  • Vic

    I would like the Oakland Raiders to trade Pryor to a team that needs his skills, for a nice draft pick if he continues to impress, of course. Matt McGloin is the guy who needs to stay. He is someone that can continue to grow quite rapidly into his role, considering the success this type of quarterbacks have had in the postseason.

    • Anonymous

      Trade a duel threat qb something that we’ve needed since forever, for what a nameless draft pick. That makes sense. ..by the way you are aware this is not the fantasy league. Wow! !! Trade an improving player seriously!!!!!!!!

  • Vic

    Yes, of course I’m serious. I’ve never played fantasy football, in fact…it’s not my cup of tea. Nevertheless, Terrelle is not the type of QB that can succeed in the playoffs, if history has taught us anything. The only dual-threat quarterback that that has come close to having any type of success is Colin Kaepernick. But then again, he didn’t look too intimidating in his Superbowl appearance, which is unfortunate because CK is my boy–the only dual-threat QB that I believe in. Our bay area cousins, the 49ers, did a wonderful job in drafting this young man. Too bad the Raiders didn’t end up taking him. But it is what it is.