Terrelle Pryor is ok with being a game manager

Although Raiders QB Terrelle Pryor didn’t have the same types of numbers that he did week 1, I’m sure he is happier with the final result.Pryor 126 and rushed for 50 this week as opposed to his week one  show case of 217 passing and 112 rushing yards. Pryor isn’t upset about that.

“I feel like I did my job with the plays that were called in,” Pryor said. “I did my job and we got a ‘W.’ I’m very happy about it. . . .

“There weren’t a lot of opportunities to throw the ball today. The defense was playing well and we were running strong, so we didn’t need to throw much. We had a lead and the coaches wanted to keep grinding with the run. We did what we had to do to win.”-NBCSports.com

Pryor’s reputation was severely damaged by the Ohio State tattoo incident but he is actually a very high character person by all accounts. If he continues to improve  at the rate he has been, he will be tough to game plan against.

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