Terrelle Pryor on Jonathan Martin: “Hats off to him for standing up and being a man”

In light of the Dolphins’ saga with Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin,  Oakland Raiders quarterback Terrelle Pryor was asked whether the coaches or players are responsible for keeping the hazing in check in a locker room environment.

“It’s funny that you said that because we were just on the field and coach [offensive coordinator Greg] Olson was talking to me, Tyler Wilson and Matt McGloin about that and says that we chose this job, and it was engrained in you when you were younger – in high school and college – and as you get to the professional level a lot of your job becomes more than just going out on the field and playing. So something like that is more in-house, in the locker room. You need to make sure that you have your best foot forward, and I’m not trying to put anyone down or say that the Dolphins quarterback isn’t doing that, I’m just answering your question. I believe that the quarterback is responsible for in-house locker room things and deals, and quieting situations down. I believe that he’s the one that people are going to listen to. I hope that we see [Jonathan] Martin playing again soon – I’ve watched some tape of him, he’s a good player. Hats off to him for standing up and being a man.”

Some people may not agree with Pryor, but I do.  I think Martin has handled this situation the right way.  We’ll now see what happens.


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