Terrelle Pryor admits he was wrong for breaking NCAA rules

terrelle pryorSeahawks back up quarterback Terrelle Pryor told 710 ESPN Radio that he was wrong for breaking NCAA rules when he was at Ohio State.

“I’m glad they did that,” Pryor said. “The only thing I will say about that is when I was at Ohio State, all you see is red jerseys in the stands and you see a lot of No. 2s [Pryor’s number at Ohio State]. I’ll leave it at that.”

“It was a rule, I broke it and I was wrong for that,” Pryor said regarding his NCAA violations. “At the time, I was getting in trouble — and I don’t even call it being in trouble. I don’t think helping my mother, who was in need, is being in trouble. I’ll never regret that. The only thing I regret is hurting certain fans, teammates and coaches.”



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