Terrell Thomas says he’s about 90 percent healthy

terrell thomas


As cornerback Terrell Thomas gets ready to suit up for training camp, the New York Giants will manage his reps as works his way back from his third ACL surgery on the same knee, per the Newark Star-Ledger.

Thomas posted an update on his website to let everyone know how he’s feeling heading into camp.

“Right now, to be honest with you I feel great,”Thomas wrote. “The last weeks my confidence is getting better and better. I am not 100%; I would say I am 85% to 90%. The only thing missing is real field work; going against my teammates, the grind of practice and seeing how my knee handles all that.”

Thomas claims that he can still be a contributor to the Giants.

“I truly don’t care if I play corner, nickel or safety. As long as I am on field; I feel I can be very productive. First I need to get through one practice then one week of practices then a month of practices, then one game and game after that. The only goal this year for me is to play and get through sixteen games. I haven’t played football in two years so that is the biggest goal for me. Whatever else happens after is a plus.”

Thomas is embracing his situation.

“I am excited about camp starting this week,” Thomas said. “I feel like a big question mark on defense and I love it. That makes me feel like a rookie again, nobody knows what to expect from me other than that I was a good player. Just like when I was coming into the league as a good player coming out of college, so I love that feeling. I feel like I am the X factor for the defense, I think I can be a big key for our defense this year as far as my physical play combined with my knowledge, communication and leadership skills.”


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