Terrell Thomas on gay people: “I don’t believe in it, I don’t respect it”

terrell thomasNew York Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas told the Newark Star-Ledger that he wouldn’t be comfortable with having a gay football player in the locker room.

“I don’t believe in it, I don’t respect it, but if that’s what you want to do, so be it. I can’t speak for the NFL or our team or the locker room, I just know what goes on and what type of situation it’s going to put a lot of guys in.”

Thomas wouldn’t be comfortable showering with a gay teammate.

“I think the biggest thing is going to be in the locker room. Not on the football field, not on the practice field, but in the locker room where guys are walking around naked, guys are joking, the way coaches talk, the way players talk, you have to be careful what you say because you don’t want to offend anybody.”

Thomas doesn’t believe an NFL locker room is ready for a gay player.

“The biggest thing is the media, hearing that a bunch of 18- and 20-year-olds can accept him, why can’t a bunch of grown men in an NFL locker room? To be honest with you, the culture’s different. It is a brotherhood unlike no other.

“It changes things around the locker room. How you can act, how you can talk. Unwanted attention to your organization, unwanted questions that you have to answer. It puts a lot of pressure on certain people who don’t want to be in that position.’’

While you can disagree with Thomas,  you have to respect the fact that he put his name behind his comments and didn’t have NJ.com anonymously publish them.


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