Terrell Suggs ready to “shock” everyone when he returns to field

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Baltimore Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs claims that his recovery from surgery on his Achilles is going well.  His foot is already in a boot and he feels like he’ll end up shocking people when he hits the field this season.

“I’m going to shock a lot of people when I’m coming out of that tunnel,”said Suggs. “I’m in a boot already working on flexibility, getting back that range of motion. Next week, we’re going to start a little walking and working side to side.

“I won’t say I’m ahead of schedule, but I’m a lot better than I, the doctors and rehab therapist thought. I kept telling people it wasn’t as bad as some people made it out to be.”

Suggs still believes the latest he’ll be back will be in late November.

“Late November, that will be the latest I return,” said Suggs, who might opt for some healing time in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. “Going into the chamber is an option, it certainly can’t hurt. I can take an iPad and iPod in there and spend a few hours a day. It can only help the healing process.”

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