Terrell Suggs: I don’t like Tom Brady’s hair

Lisa Salters of ESPN’s E:60 asked Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis who pisses him off the most in the NFL.

“New England,,” replied Suggs.

“It just seem like a lot of suspicious stuff going on…with them,” Suggs continued.

Suggs says it was unfair how the Saints were treated for the bounty scandal opposed to the fine the Patriots received for videotaping the Rams practice prior to the Super Bowl back in 2001.

Suggs was then asked what he thought of Tom Brady.

“I don’t that’s appropriate for the camera.  I don’t like him, he don’t like me. I don’t like  his hair. I don’t like his smug attitude.  But then again he probably don’t like my a**hole attitude,” said Suggs. ” Everybody just seem to worship the guy.”

Suggs also went on and said that New England fans hate him and he hates them as well.




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