Terrell Owens suing his financial adviser

According to Yahoo! Sports via Black Sports Online, former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens is now suing Jeff Rubin and his financial firm (Pro Sports Financial) for allegedly stealing money from him.

Owens is claiming the following per Yahoo! Sports:

 That PSF opened an account at Florida-based Bank Atlantic without his knowledge or authorization.

 That Owens’ signature on that account was forged.

 That PSF employee Tequilla Harris and others made “numerous unusual and extraordinary withdrawals” from that account without Owens’ authorization.

 That PSF made “unauthorized loans and or funds transfers” to other PSF clients who held accounts at Bank Atlantic, including former NFL player Jevon Kearse and another Rubin-controlled company, Pankas Holdings.

 That PSF, Rubin and others introduced him to “illegal and highly risky investments” such as a failed casino project in Alabama without properly researching the investments or providing ample risk and assessment disclosures.

 That PSF, Rubin and others failed to follow NFL Players Association regulations on investments.

 That Bank Atlantic aided and abetted PSF, Rubin and others in mismanaging Owens’ finances by allowing an account to be opened and managed in the player’s name without his consent.

Owens can blame his adviser all he wants, but he clearly didn’t keep track of his money the way he needed to.


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