Terrell Owens pays the IRS $430,000

Former NFL receiver Terrell Owens has been trying to get a shot in the NFL with no luck ever since he was cut by the Seattle Seahawks last year in training camp. Even with no job it looks like Owens still has enough money (for now) to pay bay Uncle Sam.

TMZ reports that Owens paid back the $430,00 he owed the IRS.

Owens is likely done in the NFL and will be forced into a retirement that started last year. If it’s over for Owens, his career stats will include¬† 1,078 receptions, 15,934 yards and 153 touchdowns and despite being considered a locker room cancer, will likely be voted into the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility.



  1. Paco Martinez says

    AAAAH, some one thinks T.O. iz gowan to be Haul Of Fame sumbday?
    Why does he consistently be a pain in the a -ss; ?? just shut your mouth and do your job: GET open, CATCH the pass and RUN after catch.
    Don’t need to comoe back to the huddle after each flipping play and say IWAS OPEN I WAS OPEN. you jerk
    every ball aint comin your way. when you’re not in on the play use your big body and engergy and knock down the opponent, maybe draw a 15 yard penalty from the defender, y’all.



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