Terrell Owens: Donovan McNabb was jealous of me

Terrell OwensFormer Eagles wide receiver Terrell Owens told WIP in Philly that he believes Donovan McNabb was jealous of him during their time together with the Eagles.

“Well, the thing is, I think a lot of people don’t really know—how things played out everybody is going to blame me and now I’m the scapegoat for me not being there and some of the things that played out. I knew at heart what was going on, kind of behind the scenes. I’ve talked to friends, I’ve talked to players, I’ve talked to coaches that really knew what happened and what transpired during my time there. My thing is, I had nothing but respect and love for Donovan [McNabb]. I think he felt kind of slighted at how honestly, at probably the way the team, well actually the city, just embraced me while I was there considering when he got drafted they [fans] didn’t want him there and things like that. And then when I came there and I played so well—I wasn’t trying to take away from Donovan’s limelight or anything when I came there,” Owens said. “I had pretty much my own celebrity somewhat, rock star status prior to coming there and when I got there and I added what I had to the team, that was really music to the city so to speak. So I don’t know what it was that he didn’t like or what he thought I was trying to do, but like I said, my intentions were sincere as far me as me coming there, wanting to play there, get to the Super Bowl which we ultimately did, and I think he got, you know I guess, annoyed on how the fans on game day—I would score. I could still hear those fans chanting my name, ‘TO, TO, TO, TO’. I can hear that like it was yesterday. And then, again, playoffs—main questions they asked him was ‘Are you guys gonna win, can you guys win without T.O?’ That had nothing, really—it did have something to do with me, but I wasn’t asking those questions. I think he kind of got upset and annoyed at the fact that he felt his skills were kind of being undermined as one of the reasons why they got to the Super Bowl.”

What Owen’s is saying could be true, but we’ll never really know unless McNabb admits to what TO is saying and that’s highly unlikely.


h/t Black Sports Online

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