Terrance Williams, B.W. Webb could be imapct rookies for the Cowboys

Two rookies that I believe can end up making an immediate impact for the Dallas Cowboys in 2013, are wide receiver Terrance Williams and cornerback B.W. Webb.

The Cowboys are in need of a nickel corner now that Mike Jenkins is gone.  Don’t tell me Orlando Scandrick can get the job done because he can’t. I believe Webb can come in and be that guy for Dallas.

When it comes to the receiver position, the Cowboys desperately need a third guy that can contribute.  Let’s also face it, Williams has a chance at being the Cowboys’ number two receiver with how unreliable Miles Austin has been over the past two years.  He was extremely productive at Baylor.





  1. mtcowboyfan says

    How can you say that,everybody know that JJ has never drafted a player that was any good. Any good players on the team are because of jimmy Johnson,he was the only one in this organization that ever knew anything about the game and JJ had NOTHING to do with those super bowls that we won. Jimmy was such a genious that he even went to the dolphins and made them super bowl champs many times with his brilliance. This is all we hear,JJ stupid and doesn’t know anything about football,doesnt care about winning,getting tired of hearing this from supposed fans of AMERICAS TEAM.

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