Tension continuing to mount between Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow

With a new front office and new mentality for the New York Jets, it must be frustrating the past problems keep persisting. In an interesting article by Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk.com, he goes out to detail the problem that’s plaguing the Jets this offseason (well, you know, besides Darrelle Revis).

One thing I do disagree with in the post is the fact that Florio states that by not responding to the comments, each player was validating what the other was saying about one another.

Now that is just ridiculous.

In my opinion, if either quarterback were to respond, that would further incite the mounting pressure in New Jersey. Then things would truly go from, as Florio put it, “passive-aggressive” to “aggressive-aggressive”. Best thing both can do is stay quiet, hope Tebow is traded or released by training camp, and actually learn how to play the quarterback position.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.anderson.581187 Mike Anderson

    Writen by Will Guerra….. remember this name readers…. This is another writer that writes NOTHING that just gets your attention with the title – AND THE STORY HAS NOTHING to read….
    Hey Will, there are some of us that only read this stuff because WE LOVE FOOTBALL…. If you don’t like Tebow, please…. PLEASE DON’T WRITE ABOUT IT…. FOOTBALL FANS want to see Tebow given a chance, he’s a good man and doesn’t deserve MEDIA like you saying he can’t play – OBVIOUSLY HE CAN because he is being paid boo coo bucks to play in the NFL…. Why don’t you as a writer show us you can write instead of WASTING OUR TIME!!!!
    WILL, GO WORK AT A FAST FOOD RESTAURANT, CAUSE YOU CAN’T WRITE – Think about what I just said Will…. how did it feel? really… how did it feel? The next time you write an article, why don’t you think about it. Tebow has IDIOTS LIKE YOU talking bad about him all the time, he doesn’t deserve it…. If you are a FOOTBALL FAN, wouldn’t you want to see Tebow take over for the Jets and beat the Patriots and win the division? Then…. Then you’d have some fun and interesting things to write about. Think about it, you’re going all about your writing all wrong…. get the word out that Tebow should be playing ahead of mr. butt fumble – I know you want some juice to write about, so think about what you write before you write it…. if you keep saying Tebow can’t play and enough people keep saying it, he’ll be gone…. Wouldn’t you rather see Tebow do great? HELP TEBOW OUT HERE AND HE’LL HELP YOU OUT…. GOT IT? GOOD.