Teddy Bridgewater’s confidence hasn’t been shaken after rough preseason game last week

Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer claims rookie Teddy Bridgewater is OK after last week’s rough preseason outing against the Raiders.

“Obviously we don’t want to throw interceptions in the red zone,” he said. “That’s one of our core goals. But it happens. You know, like the DBs, I would always tell them that sometimes you’ve got to get beat in practice to find out how tight you can play them. If you never get beat in practice, you’re probably playing too far off of a guy. If you’re going to get beat, let’s get beat in practice. Let’s learn from what we do out here. And I think that is for every position. This is where we learn.”

“His confidence is not shaken,” Zimmer said. “He’s fine.”

While Bridgewater wasn’t great, there were some positive things to the way he played.