Teddy Bridgewater: I’m very marketable

teddy bridgewater 3Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater believes he’s a very markable football player. 

“Of course, I feel I can be that guy,” Bridgewater said. “With my personality, I just feel that’s something I can definitely do.”

Bridgewater already has endorsement deals with Cadillac, Nike and several trading card companies. Guiding him along the way has been his business manager, Abe Elam, an NFL defensive back from 2006-12 who developed a relationship with Bridgewater several years ago that was helped by their both being South Florida natives.

“I believe he’s a very marketable guy,” Elam said. “The most important thing now is for Teddy to focus on what he does on the football field and how he carries himself. But I think if he does those things, a lot of opportunities will be open for him.”