Tebow may only have slim chance at making the Patriots roster

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Mike Rodak of ESPNBoston.com gave some reasons why Tim Tebow should make a the Patriots roster and why he might not.

Patriots owner Robert Kraft spoke highly of Tebow’s personal characteristics following the team’s decision to sign him in June, but what Tebow brings off the field would only be part of why the Patriots could decide to keep him on their 53-man roster. Tebow is past the point in his career where he’s a developmental project at quarterback, but his athleticism could provide the Patriots value within their fast-paced offensive system. Because of that possibility, it’s simply too early to write off Tebow’s chances of earning a roster spot for the regular season.

Rodak also stated that he believes Tebow will have to be more than a quarterback to make the final roster.

The operative word when it comes to Tebow and the Patriots is “value,” and precisely how much value Tebow would provide to New England. Roles on the 46-man game-day roster are precious, and Tebow’s character off the field or simply his athleticism on the field won’t be enough to justify making him active for games. As long as Ryan Mallett locks down the job backing up Tom Brady — and it would be an upset if Tebow can push Mallett for that job — then Tebow will need to earn his playing time through a well-defined role on special teams and in the offense. It will be an uphill battle.


  1. paco martinez says

    Tebow doesn’t DESERVE to play in the NFL:

    he hasn’t killed anybody (yet)
    he don’t bet on dog fightin or cock fightin or anythin

    Where is his arrest record?
    When’s he gonna start driving drunk?

    Beating up his ‘bitch’ girlfrriend !!
    Breaking beer bottles over team mate’s head?

    Where is his earring, nose ring, tongue piercing,
    tattooes.’s ?? bandanna, do rag?
    he doesn’t deserve being in the NFL
    NO SIR.

    i wanna see him spit and cuss and go shove his coach.

    i wanna see him do a kerry collins and get drunk for practice.

    no sir,
    nobody aint gona want this guy

    he’s not big enough (re: JaMarcus Russell)
    he aint fast enough (RG III)
    he’s too left handed (Mike Vick)

    signed, B___

    mark “sackchez” sanchez


  2. Wayne says

    Tebow was only one of the best college players to play the game, but he is just a lousy player now. All he knows is how to win games.

  3. paco martinez says

    I saw Tebow play @ Florida Gators with Pouncey bros. on the O. line, Percy Harvin right wide-out, left wide-out was Tebow’s roommate Riley Cooper, running back was Chris Haney–They had the BEST team I’ve seen in all my 63 years. When I watch my alma mater USC I’m biting my nails waiting for mistakes, turn-overs, bone-headed plays; watching Florida I KNEW the next play would be positive yards, and the next and the next. EX: Tebow runs right; Tebow fakes run right and shovel passes to T.E. Aaron Hernandez = positive yards; Next play, Tebow keeps again. Next play Tebow fakes the keeper and hands off the Haney = positive yards. Tebow fakes the run and laterals to Harvin.
    Tebow fakes the run and backs up , fires a long pass to Riley Cooper. MAN. He was right on ONCE and in the right situation he could be right on again. TEBOW is a winner—I see a little Doug Flutie in Tebow. I see fullback Larry Csonka in Tebow, I see running back John Riggins.
    GO TIEAM GO !!
    Oops–there is no “i” in team.
    I’m not sure the Patriots want to mix it up offensively with Tebow—we’ll just have to see.

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