Tarell Brown fighting for a portion of the $2 million he lost during the offseason.

tarell brown

According to the Associated Press,  cornerback Tarell Brown says that his new agent Joel Segal has been in contact with the 49ers in an attempt to collect a portion of the $2 million that he forfeited for not showing up for voluntary offseason work outs.

Brown fired agent Brian Overstreet last month for the mistake, and said he learned via Twitter about the money he had lost. He acknowledged he didn’t know he stood to earn $2 million for sticking around during offseason activities, so he went home to Texas to train, as he has done in previous years.

“No, I haven’t moved on,” Brown said. “Nothing has happened. They’ve been working, going back and forth and just seeing what we can do. … I’m not going to be a distraction to the team at all. That’s not my personality first of all, and secondly, the most important thing is us going out there and being prepared and getting ready to play football. I’ll let upstairs and my agent handle the rest of that stuff. Take it day by day.”

I hope Brown has now learned to ready his own contract for himself.


  • https://www.facebook.com/daniel.stillmunks Daniel Stillmunks

    I DO HOPE this young man GETS his bonus!!
    If his agent didn’t know he had to stay in San Francisco to get paid–is reason to believe the player did NOT know he had to work out in San Francisco.
    I hope they go to a moderator / win-win negotiator / arbitrator.
    The kid did nothing wrong, except NOT knowing he’s supposed to stay in town for “voluntary” work outs.
    Pathetic on the part of the 49ers ‘bean counters’. PATHETIC.