Tannenbaum felt like Sanchez earned last offseason’s extension

Former New York Jets general manager Mike Tannenbaum made an appearance on the NFL Network’s NFL AM says that he wouldn’t have given Mark Sanchez an extension if he knew he would turn the ball over so much.

“I don’t think I would have signed a quarterback to an extension knowing that he’d have 26 turnovers,” Tannenbaum told “NFL AM” on Thursday, when asked about the gaudy new deal Sanchez received last March. “That might be one of the reasons I’m right sitting here with you guys. Not that this is not a great place to spend Valentine’s Day.”

Tannenbaum felt like Sanchez earned the extension the Jets gave him.

“My core belief has always been, let’s try to draft as many of our good players as we can — the core — and sign them to extensions when it makes sense for both sides. So, D’Brickashaw Ferguson,Darrelle Revis, Nick Mangold. And again, here’s a guy that beat Tom Brady in a road playoff game, beat Peyton Manning on the road — so these are not hopes, these are not projections. These are real wins in the NFL.

“(Sanchez) was a young guy, football’s important to him, and we came up with a deal at the time that we thought was good for both sides. Obviously, he didn’t play as well this year, we didn’t coach as well this year, we didn’t get him as good players this year. But if we’re sitting here a year or two from now, I still think Mark’s going to be a good, credible quarterback in the NFL.”

Sanchez did have some big wins early in his career, but he’s only regressed since his rookie season.  Everyone on the outside could see that giving him an extension last offseason was a mistake.