Still too early to tell if Jake Locker is Ken Wisenhunt’s guy

Peter King of believes it’s still early to tell if quarterback Jake Locker will be head coach Ken Wisenhunt’s guy going forward.

Too early to tell if Jake Locker is Whisenhunt’s guy. He’s been battling for the starting job and/or hurt and/or inaccurate (57.2 completion rate) in his three seasons. Whisenhunt is right to withhold his seal of approval in Locker.

“I haven’t studied him as much as I need to,” Whisenhunt said. “I have seen good, and I have seen bad. No question he has ability, and I have heard good things about him. The question is, can he harness the ability, and can he be consistent?” That’s been the question about Locker since he was a phenom at the University of Washington.

I’m willing to go out on a limb and believe that Locker will have a chance to compete for the starting job in camp, but I would think the Titans will ultimately draft a quarterback in May.


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