Stevie Johnson wants to see a quarterback competition in Buffalo

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson says he would like to see quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick compete for the starting job next season even though he already believes in him as their starter.

“Because competition brings out the best in us,” Johnson said, per the Buffalo News. “If we went out and got another quarterback, who knows what’ll happen? Fitz may still win, or the other guy my win. Let it happen like that.

“I’m a guy that’s about competing. Bring whoever you want in and the better man will win. So be it.”

Johnson does believe the Bills can win with Fitzpatrick.

“You look at these games, and we’re still in it,” Johnson said. “If he was a bum, we wouldn’t have been in any of these games. I wouldn’t have had another season with 1,000 yards or six touchdowns or Scott Chandler with six touchdowns and almost a [club] record.

“He is a good quarterback. We’ve all seen that. Obviously, they may bring somebody else in. I just hope it leads to competition. I think Fitz is one of those competitors. He may come out with the job again.”

I don’t understand why Johnson wants Fitzpatrick to compete for the starting quarterback job when he already believes in him.  It sounds like to me he knows they can only go so far with Fitz as their quarterback.


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