Stevie Johnson back at practice

Wide receiver Stevie Johnson returned to practice on Tuesday after sitting out with a lower back injury.

“I’m definitely happy,” Johnson told “At first they said I was just going to come out here and do some drills on the side, but I wanted to get out here and run and see how it is. It felt good. I’ve still got point pressure in my back and in my ankle, but I was out there and I was able to complete it so I feel good about it.”

Johnson was able to do individual drills and said that he’s a lot happier being on the field then watching on the side.

“It makes me feel like I have a role,” said Johnson. “I don’t like sitting out of practice or anything because I feel like I can’t talk to anybody because I’m not doing it and I’m not in that fire with them. But just doing the little bit that I did, I felt like I had the power to tell some people to do it this way or run the route like this. When you look at it, make sure you run it a certain way because I was out there with you. It just felt good being back.”