Steve Young says Joe Flacco deserves his new contract

Former NFL quarterback and ESPN analyst Steve Young believes that Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco deserves the six-year, $120 million contract that he just received.

“Joe is worth this deal because he did it when it mattered,” Young said, per USA Today Sports.

“So did Eli Manning do it when it mattered — and all the great ones do it when it matters. To play perfect football in January and February is the Holy Grail for a quarterback, right? That’s the place.

“When Joe Flacco threw 11 touchdowns with no interceptions in January and Feburary and won the Super Bowl, that’s why the Ravens had no choice but to pay him what they did.”

While Flacco’s career numbers don’t warrant the kind of contract he’s just received, he’s been nothing short of clutch in the playoffs during his career and carried his team in 2012.


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