Steve Smith: Officials were “garbage”

Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith was pretty upset with the officials from Sunday’s game against the Cardinals.  He said they were “garbage” and that the Cardinals secondary was “molesting” him the entire game.

“I got a (pass interference) penalty, which is very interesting. I got leg-humped and hugged a few times. Being a pretty good flag football player, I think I got my flag pulled on my jersey a few times,” Smith said via the Charlotte Observer. “I would say pretty much, I take that one on the chin and just say it was me. I’ve got to play better.”

Smith says he told umpire Dan Ferrell that Patrick Peterson was grabbing him.

“I was told by the referee — whatever judge he was, No. 64 (Ferrell). He told me on my route (that) I felt like I got held, where (Peterson) had the back of my jersey and used that to slingshot his way through and bat the ball down. He said he grabbed my jersey, he saw it, but he didn’t think it was enough that changed the course of the route,” Smith said.

“I’ve only been playing football for a little bit, just picked it up. So I said OK. I really believe years past I would’ve went off. But that’s what he felt and that’s what he said and he repeatedly explained it to me.”

Smith says Peterson interfered with him on that play.

“It was pass interference in Mexico, Europe, rugby — in pretty much every other sport but in Arizona yesterday. But then when I pushed off it was pass interference.”

Smith knows the NFL could fine him for his comments.

“To be honest, I make enough money where if Roger wants to fine me he can. But I really think that referee probably was the sorriest referee that I have ever met,” Smith said.

“When I dove for the first down (and) he was standing right there, he didn’t even acknowledge — he received a check that day and I hope he feels good. He was terrible. He was garbage.”


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