Steve Breaston reportedly considering German knee procedure

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, free agent NFL wide receiver Steve Breaston is thinking about heading over the Germany to undergo the Regenokine treatment to try and repair knee inflammation and early arthritic symptoms.

It is the same treatment that players such as Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez underwent to help save their careers.

During the procedure, a small cup of blood is removed from the patient, and then it is incubated at a slightly elevated temperature and spun in a centrifuge to make serum that’s injected to combat inflammation that may resolve the player’s irritation.

Breaston feels his knee is fine but he is being advised by his family and one of his agents, Eric Metz, to explore this revolutionary procedure that worked well for NBA standout Grant Hill, who shared the same doctor, Thomas Carter of the Phoenix Suns, according to a source.

Breaston believes he could pass a physical now and sign a one-year deal with Pittsburgh, but he is said to be seeking a longer-term solution to his knee problems, said the source. He plans to continue to train and improve his knee until he is ready to sign with an NFL team.

Breaston will be turning 30 years-old in August and if he’s concerned about his long-term NFL career he may want to undergo the procedure to help prolong his time in the NFL.