Stevan Ridley says he’s fine after suffering brutal concussion in AFC title game

stevan ridleyNew England Patriots running back Stevan Ridley says he fine after suffering a nasty looking concussion during last season’s AFC Championship game.

“I thank the Lord that I’m healthy and brought me back,” Ridley said, per the Boston Herald. “All I can do now is move forward from that, but it was a nice hit that I took. Just got to shake it off. Comes with the game.”

“It wasn’t pretty at all,” Ridley said. “It was one of the worst ones that I took in my life. Besides that, it comes with the game. Sometimes it’s others, and sometimes it’s ourselves. But either way, I love the game, and I love football. I mean, it’s going to happen sometimes, but you’ve got to roll with it, adjust it. Make sure you’re squared away with your doctor, squared away with your team. I’ll be out here this year ready to go.”

Ridley had a great season in 2012 with 290 carries for 1,263 yards and 12 touchdowns.