Stephen Jones: Tony Romo is like LeBron James, he needs a ring to quiet the doubters

Dallas Cowboys COO Stephen Jones believes a Super Bowl ring is the only thing separates quarterback Tony Romo from being considered great.

“I completely understand here in Dallas there is a high bar when you look at some of the quarterbacks that we’ve had here and the championships that they’ve won,” Jones said on SiriusXM NFL Radio via For The Win. “I think Tony would be the first to tell you that he’s disappointed that his success in the postseason and winning a Super Bowl hasn’t been better.

“But I think in due time he’ll get his justice, his day in court and when he does lead us to a Super Bowl, which I do think will happen, then I think all the doubters will go by the wayside. You look at just the history of athletes in general, whether it is a LeBron James or anybody, there’s a lot of criticism until you put those championship rings on their fingers.  I think Tony will get his and when he does I think history is going to look upon him, look at his career, and say that, hey, he was one hell of a quarterback.”

I agree with Jones.  But he question is: can Romo stop throwing fourth quarter interceptions?

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