Stephen Jones: Dez Bryant needs to be the Cowboys’ number one receiver

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Dallas Cowboys COO Stephen Jones believes that Dez Bryant needs to develop into their number one receiver over Miles Austin.  I don’t believe he’s trying to take a dig at Austin, but with all of the talent Bryant possesses I agree with Jones.

“Well, I think he needs to be a No. 1 receiver,” said Jones.  “Not to take anything away from Miles [Austin], but I would submit to you that when we line up out there that the guy that they’re the most worried about is Dez. And he’s got to be that guy, and even when they do try to stop him, the great ones still make a lot of plays. Tony’s got to be able to count on him, he’s got to run the right routes at the right depths and be a precise route runner. Those are the things he’s got to improve on. If he can do those things, then obviously we can really achieve what we want to accomplish, which is win a championship.”

I really believe that if Bryant can become a difference maker during close games,, he’ll be a big help to quarterback Tony Romo, as they try to win games that go down to the wire.

  • joe

    WR no matter who or how great will never be the answer as long as Tony Romo keeps thinking and spending his time pretending and trying to be a pro golfer.The greats at QB use their time aimed at football titles not US Open golf titles.Cowboys have made wrong choice with team leader who’s goals are different then Jones wishes.Romo will give that impression that he can get the football title but really I bet he is practicing his putting across the living room floor at night instead of film study