Stephen Jones: Cowboys “can compete for a championship”

Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones is confident that his team can win a Super Bowl this coming season.

“We really feel like we have a team that can compete for a championship,” said Jones, via

Jones mentioned how the last three Super Bowl champions barely made the playoffs.

“The last three teams that won championships barely got into the playoffs and did something about it,” Jones said. “You’re probably not being realistic if you don’t think things have changed in the last 10 years. There’s probably a lot of people who feel they have a chance to win a championship based on the level playing field and how the cap has affected the game. We feel like we have an opportunity to compete for a championship.”

Jones feels like the Cowboys can compete with the recent Super Bowl champions.

“I feel like the teams that won championships last year, we can compete with them and were right there competing with them maybe without a full deck,” Jones said. “We have confidence that this team will win a championship.”

Jones needs to realize the big different between the Cowboys and any other team is that no other team has their owner running so many different things.