Stephen Jones believes Tony Romo is a “battler” and that he’ll win a Super Bowl

Dallas Cowboys vice president Stephen Jones says they’ve never quarterback Tony Romo as a player and will always support him and be behind him no matter what.

“I know everybody was critical and Tony was critical of himself,” Jones said, per Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “He wants to do better and not have those turnovers. It’s not a good recipe for winning But we have never doubted _ not Jerry (Jones) or myself have ever doubted Tony Romo. There has been no in the organization at the ownership level that has doubted Tony Romo even in games where we have struggled.”

Jones still believes Romo is capable of winning a Super Bowl.

“He is a battler,” Jones said. “There have been other quarterbacks where their championship success has come later in their careers. I think that is probably what is going to happen with Tony because he has all the skills and all the ability in the world to win championships. I think it will happen to him like Brett Favre and John Elway who won their championships in the twilight of their careers.”

I honestly don’t ever see Romo winning a title.  I think he turns the ball over too much and owner/general manager Jerry Jones hasn’t given him enough talent on offense.


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